VCLua v0.3.2

Copyright (C) 2006,2010 Hi-Project Ltd.

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Using VCLua controls

Creating controls

control = VCL.ControlName(parent,name)

form = VCL.Form()

Creates a new, randomly named form, which is descendant of the mainform. If mainform not exists, this form will be the mainform.

button = VCL.Button(form)

The abowe example shows, how to create a button as child control on a form as parent.

Adjusting properties

control.propertyname = value

form.width = 100

to set more properties concurrently:

control._ = {width=100, height=100, caption="Test form"}

Handling events

The control event is the name of the lua function (not the function!) which handles the event

 form.onclick = "onFormClick"

function onFormClick(sender)

print(, sender.width)


Calling methods

Control methods can be called similar to lua function calls: control:method(params...)


Destroying controls

Destroying controls is important to avoid further problems


This will destroy the form, and all child components of the form.



Downloads available from VCLua project page at



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